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10 Days in North New Zealand
10 Days in North New Zealand

10 Days in North New Zealand

This weeks article is written by Jared Melrose Campbell / @youandiandthesky/@vanlifediaries. ''How would you spend 10 days of travel in another country? Would you see as much as possible or dissolve in the one place? Ashleigh and I contemplated this as the plane docked. We waited for the eager passengers to vacate, rustled about for our carry on luggage, then meandered out of Auckland airport like two lost children. Travellers Autobarn depot, is about a 20 minute taxi ride from the airport. Walking through the door we were welcomed like family. Mike, the Auckland manager was helpful and super informative, running a tight ship in a gracious and natural manner. The office space was clean and filled with maps and brochures...

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