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Top 5 Epic New Zealand Bucketlist Experiences

Posted by Bastian, 16 Jan, 2017

What’s on your bucketlist? What experiences represent a lifelong dream for you? New Zealand – forever the land in which long-held dreams become incredible realities – is the place to tick off a few of these things.

Take a look at our rundown of the top 5 New Zealand adventures, and perhaps add a couple to your own bucketlist!

Get Up Close and Personal with a Volcano

New Zealanders tend to be a laid back and relaxed sort of people, in stark contrast to the islands upon which they reside. The volcanic activity here is pretty… well… active, which makes it the ideal country for ticking a big experience off your bucketlist.

Perhaps the best place for such thrill seeking is White Island, off the coast of Whakatane. Here, adventurous types can take a tour right up to the volcano’s caldera. Peering into the crater of an active volcano is about as extreme as it gets.

White Island Volcano

(Photo from IG @newzealandviptour)

Do an Old School Bungee Jump

When in NZ, fire up the hired campervan and get back to basics by visiting the birthplace of one of the world’s most popular extreme sports. That’s right; bungee jumping was invented right here, at Kawarau Bridge near Queenstown.

Of course, with this sort of thing, a simple pilgrimage is never enough. Instead, you need to get well and truly involved and book yourself a jump. Pay homage to those early adrenaline-junkies and chalk another experience off the list.

Bunjy Jump NZ

(Photo from IG @ajhackettbunjynz)

Go Hunting for Sauron

Despite what the movies told us, it is in fact possible to simply walk into Mordor, or at least into its cinematic stand-in. However, it is still advisable to hire a NZ campervan for the long drive up to the Tangairo Alpine. From here you can continue your hunt for Sauron on foot as you trek towards the imposing Mt. Ngauruhoe. While you might not find the mysterious overlord of the land of Mordor – invented as he was by J.R.R. Tolkien almost eight decades ago – you will encounter some of the most stunning natural landscapes found anywhere on planet Earth.

Mount Ngauruhoe

(Photo from IG @thelongwhitecloud)

Root for the All Blacks

What do you associate with New Zealand? For many of us, there is one association which stands out above all the rest; rugby, and the legendary All Blacks. This band of sporting titans has become known the world over thanks to some stunning performances, the larger than life personalities of players like Jonah Lomu, and – of course – an unmatched three World Cup wins.

For anyone with even a passing interest in sport, a trip to one of New Zealand’s iconic rugby stadium’s to watch these homegrown heroes in action is an absolute must. Get caught up in the atmosphere, root for one of rugby’s all-time greatest teams, and get a lesson in the sport from true masters of the game.

All Blacks

(Image from IG @allblacks)

Swim with… Basically Anything You Want!

Swimming with something is a bit of a bucketlist staple, which is fortunate because New Zealand provides ample opportunities to swim with just about anything you want. Visit the deep water of Kaikoura for a spot of whale watching and take the chance to visit a pod of dolphins in their natural habitat. You couldn’t ask for more stunning surroundings in which to live out a fantasy.

If this sounds a little tame to you, feel free to head over to Stewart Island to really walk – or swim – on the wild side. Here you can dive with one of the most majestic, awe-inspiring, and terror-inducing creatures ever to roam the open ocean: the great white shark!*

What else do you want to tick off your bucketlist? New Zealand is the place to do it. Get to NZ, hire a campervan and have the trip of a lifetime.

Great White Shark

(Photo from IG @iphotographsharks)

*You will be protected by a cage, don’t worry!

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