So often, travelling in a campervan is not so much about the destination but the journey. Thankfully, in New Zealand it’s most often about both. A campervan in NZ offers the freedom and adventure of the open road and the opportunity to wake up under a snow-capped mountain one day and the salty air of the ocean the next. The magic of New Zealand is that it combines a variety of stunning natural landscapes in a relatively small area with so few people.

Whether you like snow-capped mountains, the bluest lakes, geo-thermic waters, rugged rainforest, windswept beaches or glaciers, hop in a campervan and enjoy the trip of a lifetime.


Quick stats

4000km trip distance

21 day roadtrip

Kuga Campervan recommended

road trip map

Emerald Lake - Tongariro Alpine Crossing

Often described as the greatest day hike in the world, Tongariro has unrivalled scenery. The Emerald Lake shines like a green jewel surrounded by moon-like mountainside, and the view above it is undoubtedly the highlight of an already superlative-laden trek. As you walk, you may recognise different landscapes, as seen in the epic Lord of the Rings Trilogy. The hike is not a loop and does require a transfer from the end of the hike to where you parked your campervan in the morning.

Image via Pixaby

Milford Sound

The incredible Fjord-like scenery features on most of Tourism NZ’s material for a very good reason. Even the drive down to the sounds from Te Anau will whet your appetite for the scenery to come. Try to keep your eyes on the road as your campervan is dwarfed by huge moss-covered cliffs walls and verdant forest. For the most unforgettable views, take a boat through the sounds as the steep cliffs tower above you and waterfalls cascade down them.

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Marlborough Sou