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6 Fun Holiday Destinations in New Zealand

Lately, you’ve been dreaming about stunning mountain scenery, breathtaking fjords and maybe a few hobbits. New Zealand is calling you! But alas, no one in your life seems to be ready to heed that siren call with you. Don’t let that stop you from an epic trip. Here are six unforgettable ways to take on New Zealand solo.

The 8th Wonder of the World: Milford Sound

Upon visiting New Zealand’s Milford Sound, Rudyard Kipling dubbed the area the “Eighth Wonder of the World”. Kipling was very well traveled and knew what he was talking about! Milford Sound, filled with stunning natural scenery, is the perfect place to disconnect from it all—and from everyone, and reconnect with nature. Best visited as a day trip from Queenstown, travelers should spend their time appreciating the area’s jaw-dropping fjords. Take a cruise, rent a sea kayak, or go hiking. Alternately, see the sights from above with a scenic flight, or from below with a session of diving. Wherever you look, the scenery is enough to captivate. When you just can’t get enough of it, consider a New Zealand campervan hire and set your own pace.

Subtropical Beach Paradise: Bay of Islands

If what you seek is a laid-back beach holiday, Bay of Islands is the place for you! As one of the best stretches of beach in the country, you will have plenty of beaches from which to choose as you select your stretch of sand. Spend your time relaxing beachside. When you feel the urge to get active, Bay of Islands offers everything from prime SCUBA diving to gorgeous hiking at Rainbow Falls.
















Glacial Adventure: Franz Josef

Feel the rush of accomplishment as you set out to take an active adventure on your holiday. Nothing is so personally satisfying as pushing yourself to your limits and conquering a mighty challenge independently. Sign up for guided glacier hikes or dare yourself to try ice climbing. At the end of the day, revel in your achievements while soaking away the soreness in the local hot spring pools.

Cultural Exploration: Whakarewarewa

Don’t just be a tourist, get to know your host culture. As a solo traveler, it is so much easier to lose yourself in an immersive cultural experience. A visit to Whakarewarewa, a living Maori village, will take you completely out of your usual world. Enjoy a traditional Maori meal, learn traditional Maori crafts or catch a cultural performance. Don’t forget to visit the geothermal baths while there.

Alternative Experiences: Coromandel Peninsula

A thriving alternative lifestyle and backpacker scene, the Coromandel Peninsula is a fantastic place for travelers to meet new people. Of course, there are the obvious beach related activities on this gorgeous peninsula. However, what really makes this place unique is the trendy art scene. Peruse eclectic stores and soak up the hippy vibe. And of course, every good trip needs a pamper geothermal spa option at the end of the day. Head over to Hot Water Beach, where you can even dig up your own thermal bath.













Dazzling…Worms: Waitomo Caves

Your boat slowly slides through the dark, the water gently lapping against the sides in the dark. Suddenly, the dark overhead is pierced by hundreds of glowing points. The site is utterly dazzling, even if the source is actually a bunch of worms. While many people consider the Waitomo Glowworm Caves to be a decidedly romantic destination, it is actually a must-see. In the quiet, surrounded by what looks like the cosmos contained just for you, you won’t be able to help pondering life’s deepest thoughts!

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