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Chubby Campervan Hire

There is a new 2-berth campervan hire on the block in New Zealand! The Chubby Campervan is the perfect two-person campervan for the New Zealand road trip of a lifetime.

The Chubby Camper is ideal for two people with lots of internal space to eat & sleep as well as a built-in kitchenette with lots of space to cook, LED internal lights, and 2 USB chargers. PLUS for an extra $50/hire (fee to hire portable toilet ) you can opt for the self-contained option and freedom camp your way across New Zealand.

It comes with a TROPICAL ICE BOX that will keep your ice much colder & last longer than a usual esky (plus you save on any campsite fees as it doesn’t require any electrical power to recharge). With plenty of storage for your personal items as well as two electrical power-plugs to charge your electrical appliances (only at powered campsites) all you need to throw in is your sense of adventure.

Travellers Autobarn is launching our custom-built Hi5 Campervans in New Zealand! The Hi5 Camper is our biggest camper yet, seating and sleeping up to 5 people. It is ideal for families with young kids or groups of friends who would like to travel around New Zealand. Spacious enough to stand up and move around inside, the Hi5 Campervan is the perfect home-on-wheels for your New Zealand adventure.

The Hi5 Camper can accommodate the following groups:

  • 4 adults; or
  • 2 adults & 3 kids

Our Hi5 campervan has an upgraded new look from our regular campervans, as well as a new interior layout. Featuring three seats in the front cabin and two directly behind, the kitchen at the back of the vehicle, and a spacious living area. They even have a rooftop solar panel fitted, so you can spend less time and money in powered campsites and more time freedom camping! Best of all, we have custom-built the interior so everything inside is brand NEW from 2018-2020.

When it comes to security bond options it can get quickly very confusing…so let’s talk about it and provide as much information as we can for you.

Basically, the security bond is how much you need to have available on your Visa/Mastercard credit card (please note that we don’t accept cash cards) at the time you hire your vehicle.  We will pre-authorise this amount, which means placing a hold on the funds for approximately 14 days, we do not actually deduct the funds at this time. 

In the event your vehicle or third-party property is damaged, the amount of the security bond will be deducted from your credit card account and you will need to pre-authorise a 2nd security bond before you continue with your hire.

You can choose different options to reduce the amount of your security bond as outlined below.

IMPORTANT: In the event any damage is caused to your vehicle or third-party property by you breaching our Terms and Conditions or the damage is caused due to one of the Exclusions listed below, the amount that is payable by you could be in excess of the security bond that you have chosen.

STANDARD PROTECTION – $0/day – $3000 security bond

If you choose our Standard Protection package your security bond is $3,000.  This is our default package and is included in your daily hire rate. On pick-up we will freeze the amount of $3,000 on your credit card for approximately 14 days from the pick-up date.

Under this option you will also be responsible for the full cost of damage caused by Single Vehicle Rollovers or the market value of the vehicle if a Write Off up to a maximum amount of $50,000.

MIDWAY PROTECTION – $20/day – $1500 security bond

If you choose the Midway Protection package your security bond is $1,500. To reduce your security bond to $1,500 you need to pay an extra $20 per day (for the 1st 50 days only – afterwards it is for free).  On pick-up we will freeze the amount of $1,500 on your credit card for approximately 14 days from the pick-up date.

Under this option you will also be responsible for the cost of damage caused by Single-Vehicle Rollovers or Write-Offs up to a maximum amount of $10,000

PROTECTION PLUS – $30/day – $0 security bond

If you choose the Protection Plus package your security bond is $0.  To reduce your security bond to $0 you need to pay an extra $30/day (for the 1st 50 days only – afterwards it is for free). On pick-up we will take an imprint of your credit card – no amounts will be frozen on your credit card.

This Protection Plus package also includes cover for single vehicle roll-overs and write-offs (something many other rental companies don’t cover).


At all times the Hirer is fully responsible for all fees, damages, expenses and/or costs for:

  • Loss or damage caused by or resulting from a breach of the terms of this Agreement by the Hirer (including any authorised driver).
  • Loss or damage caused due to use of the Vehicle in contravention of clause 11, 22 or 25 of this Agreement.
  • Damage caused to the Vehicle by not driving in a prudent and cautious manner.
  • Damage caused to the Vehicle by driving on unsealed roads or beach driving.
  • Damage caused to the Vehicle in any way by part or total water submersion including in flood water, river water, saltwater, or any other source of water.
  • Damage caused to the Vehicle by the Hirer’s wilful conduct or reckless e.g. sitting or standing on the bonnet or roof of the Vehicle.
  • Damage caused to the Vehicle due to use of incorrect or contaminated fuel.
  • Damage caused due to the use or misuse of snow chains.
  • Damage or loss caused to any personal belongings.
  • Damage to the awning, overhead (roof) or under-body of the Vehicle.
  • Damage caused to the Vehicle because the Hirer has failed to perform tyres checks and maintain all fluid and fuel levels or failed to immediately rectify or report to us any defect of which you become aware.
  • All costs to replace keys which have become lost, broken, damaged, stolen or of retrieval of keys which been locked in the Vehicle, or where the Vehicle has been stolen due to it being unlocked.
  • Loss or damage caused where it is deemed by local authorities to have been careless or willful in failing to comply with any legislation or regulation controlling vehicular traffic, resulting in damage to the hired Vehicle and/or Third-Party Vehicle or any other property.
  • Damage caused by the Hirer’s failure to take reasonable measures for the safety of the Vehicle, its parts or accessories, or failure to comply with all restrictions on the use of the Vehicle or otherwise abuse or misuse of it.
  • The cost of recovering the Vehicle in the event it becomes stuck or bogged in wet ground, sand or mud.
  • Damage to or loss of personal belongings of the Hirer or any other person within the Vehicle

For more details on all our Security Bond Options and Exclusions, please refer to our Terms and Conditions, which can be found here….

The backpacker classic! Nothing beats a Stationwagon for touring New Zealand. Perfect for tourists on a budget who still want to experience New Zealand up close – not through the window of a bus!

Seating up to 7 people the hire of this stationwagon vehicle is cheaper than the bus and allows the whole family to explore New Zealand. An affordable, economically sensible and dependable way to tour New Zealand.

With the optional camping equipment, the Travellers Autobarn Stationwagon hire can also serve as your bush accommodation! For $45, consider hiring the camping pack which includes a 2 person tent, camp chairs, gas cooker, and cooking equipment, and set up your nights in the great outdoors. Alternatively, you have the option to sleep inside this vehicle by placing a mattress (not provided) in the back.

Please be aware, there is no bed included inside the stationwagon.

The Travellers Autobarn Kuga campervan is a sure crowd pleaser! It comes with brand-new fit-out (fit-out age 2016-20) – so if you like something NEW this is the right camper for you!  The Kuga Campervan comes with microwave, fridge, sink & gas stove and is the ideal campervan for your travels around New Zealand.

It further provides you with 240V power points, USB plug-ins, extra storage room, as well as extra internal height, compared to the traditional Hitop Campervan – this is an experience you surely don’t want to miss! PLUS for an extra $50/hire (fee to hire portable toilet ) you can opt for the self-contained option. Feel free to read our blog story about Travellers Autobarn’s own designed & built Kuga Campervan!


The Hitop Campervan is a thoughtfully designed vehicle that sleeps for 2 to 3 people. Functional cooking and storage areas included plus the possibility to go for the popular self-contained Hitop Campervan will surely make this a great road trip experience!

Cheap, thrifty, economic, whatever you call it, don’t be misconceived by the price. You don’t want miss out on anything in these wonderfully fitted Hitop Campervans for hire (or rent) from Travellers Autobarn whilst you are in New Zealand.


Thank you for filling out our rental enquiry form. We will do our best to respond to your enquiry within 24 hours (weekends & public holidays we require a bit more time – thank you for your patience).
If you prefer to speak to us directly please contact us on 09 8891 737 or via any of our international/skype phone number.
Note – please ensure you have saved TRAVELLERS AUTOBARN into your address book so our emails to you don’t get spammed!Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for regular updates about campervan roadtrips around Australia.We wish you a great day,Your Travellers Autobarn Team

Relocations are a fast, cheap way to travel for FREE! We update our relocations list every Monday morning.

Please contact our reservations team on 0800 348 348 (please see our overseas contact numbers here).

Auckland to Christchurch

  • 1 x Kuga       10/03 – 15/03
  • 2 x Hi5          1/04 – 8/04


Normal Terms and Conditions still apply.

Are subject to the standard Terms & Conditions of Travellers Autobarn.

Relocations must be delivered in the set days we outline and will be offered at $1.00 per day.

A standard bond of $3000 applies.

Any late deliveries will incur large penalties if we are not advised.

Any request to extend relocations will be considered subject to availability, and if approved will be charged at the standard daily vehicle rate from day one. Minimum rental periods may also apply.

Whether you are a backpacker, budget traveller, or a tourist on the cheap, discover campervan hire New Zealand with Travellers Autobarn. We have a wide range of Stationwagons, Escape Campers, Hitop Vans, Kuga Campervans and budget backpacker campervans that you can use for the on-road trip of your lifetime around New Zealand. All our vehicles are affordably priced and include a mixture of old and new campervan hires. Longer term rental discounts are also our specialty. There is truly no better way to tour New Zealand, and we can make your campervan sightseeing dreams come alive, throughout our 2 store locations.

Thinking of travelling between Auckland and Christchurch? Our tip: always travel Christchurch to Auckland – it is cheaper!!!

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