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Freedom Camping in
New Zealand

Thousands of tourists visit New Zealand every year to cross a NZ road trip off their bucket list. If you’re dreaming of your own New Zealand campervan trip, you should know that there are places all around where you can camp for free! It’s part of what’s called ‘Freedom Camping’ and is a dream-come-true if you’re a tourist travelling on a budget.

There are some pretty strict regulations on Freedom Camping — you can’t just stop and camp anywhere and your vehicle needs to meet a few standards — so to make your life a little easier, we’ve pulled together these guides with everything you need to know about Freedom Camping in New Zealand. They’ve got all the essential camping regulations, best Freedom Camping road trips, and info on all the best free campsites North Island and South Island have to offer. Enjoy!

Welcome to Travellers Autobarn’s campervan roadtrip & travel tips portal – everything you need to know for your epic New Zealand travel adventure. With over 25 years of experience you will find that our portal has everything you need to have an amazing times.

Travelling on a budget? Not sure what roadtrip to take? Traveling with kids? Considering to explore New Zealand in winter? We got it all – plus FREE GUIDES to discover New Zealand. Have a great time soaking in all the information and an even better New Zealand roadtrip…

Welcome to our guides page! All our guides provide plenty of information and have been written by our own staff and experienced campervan travelers throughout New Zealand.

Start reading through each one of them and get prepared for your campervan roadtrip journey – our guides include information about best roadtrip adventures, how to get prepared for your first campervan journey, how to travel New Zealand during winter and much much more…

Welcome to Inside TAB – Travellers Autobarn. Any news of our New Zealand & world wide operations can be found in this section!

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful winter destinations in the World – and yes – it is an amazing country to explore in Winter – plus it is SO CHEAP! Campervans are up to 80% cheaper than during summer, camp sites are nearly for free and even the ferries – going between North to South Island – give you a bargain price.

Let us convince you on why you should explore New Zealand in winter on our dedicate Winter Campervan Travel page. You find plenty of information on here on why you should travel during winter, how to prepare yourself, key visiting spots and much much more…

New Zealand is the perfect country for your self-drive adventure – both the North & South Island have so much to offer. There are lots of ways to explorer and travel this beautiful country on a low budget. Did you know hiring a self-contained vehicle will save you big $$$ when it comes to campgrounds! Below you find a list of articles that will guide you through New Zealand on your budget campervan travel adventure…

Exploring New Zealand as a family will provide long-lasting memories which you will look back at for many many years to come. No matter how old your kids are – or all adults – roadtrips always bring the family together (well a few arguments might happen on the way lol).

Feel free to read some of our tips for travelling with your family – no matter of age – through New Zealand. Best camp spots, best spots to visit with your family, what to consider when travelling with kids around New Zealand and much much more….

No country screams more “road trip holiday” than New Zealand – in fact, it has the highest numbers of campervans per capita compared to any other world.

If you are considering a campervan road trip – or are already on road – read up on our handy campervan travel tips.

Our Campervan Travel Tips section covers everything from Freedom Camping (it’s a big topic in New Zealand!), how to prepare yourself for a campervan trip, top holiday parks and much much more…

New Zealand is an amazing country to explore and there is no better way than with your own 4 wheels – with an amazing campervan or stationwagon.

If you wanna start in the North or South – both islands are amazing starting points (hint – campervans are generally cheaper to pick-up on the South Island).
We at Travellers Autobarn have written a number of amazing road trips to get you started – sometimes you just don’t know where to start so we have decided to make it easy for you

Find below a larger number of different routes and travel recommendations – if you still haven’t found what you are looking for, there is always Google!

So jump into your campervan or stationwagon and get this road trip started…have an amazing time!!!

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