On the whole, New Zealand is soul-searingly stunning, yet it’s the South Island that remains the favoured destination among a prominent number of its visitors. The reason? You can do everything from spot penguins to drive through awe-inspiring landscapes for hours on end in this must-visit destination. So what are you waiting for? Organise your campervan hire on the South Island of New Zealand and head to our top five sights…

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Abel Tasman National Park


The beautiful bays in Abel Tasman National Park are surrounded by forests and bestowed with sublime sandy beaches. This protected area is the perfect place for whiling away a few days hiking and kayaking in the surrounds of a lush landscape. In addition, there are opportunities to arrive at and explore the park by boat, as well as scuba dive in the crystal-clear waters. The long pathway that hugs the coast is an especially popular trek in this park.

Franz Josef Glacier


Being able to get so near to a glacier is incredibly rare, especially as they are disappearing quickly due to global warming. Seeing one close up is, therefore, an experience every person should have in their lifetime – especially if you can afford to invest in checking one out by helicopter. This trip also includes a guided three-hour hike across the blue ice and a complimentary ticket to the hot pools: a pleasant way to finish off your trip around the chilly landscape.



As well as offering impossibly blue waters and a surrounding landscape of rolling hills, Akaroa provides the opportunity to swim with dolphins in their natural habitat. It is, in fact, the only place in the world where you can splash around in the sea with the Hector species, the rarest and smallest dolphins in existence. The tours on offer are sustainable and eco-friendly, and they also give the chance to spot seals and penguins too.

Mount Cook

Mount Cook NZ

Pretty much every direction you cast your eye towards when at Mount Cook affords the most impressive views. And there’s no need to be a seasoned hiker to enjoy the landscape – just choose a guesthouse or hotel that is near one of the shorter three-hour walks. The drive towards this iconic alpine landscape while in your campervan hire New Zealand is also one of the most beautiful in the country. It’s also a popular place for star-gazing as it is far from any light pollution.

Otago Central Rail Trail


Hoping to get active on your holiday? You’ll love the Otago Central Rail Trail, a cycle path that follows an old railway line throughout several old gold-mining townships in the heart of the South Island. Rent a bike for the trip – four or five days is recommended for a leisurely ride through the 150 kilometer path – and make your way past craggy landscapes, idyllic fields and more. Just swap your campervan hire in NZ for a bike for a few days: there are plenty of companies that will organise everything for you, including the well-reviewed SheBikesSheBikes.

Milford Sound

Milford Sound

When tourists begin planning their journey to New Zealand, Milford Sound is often on the top of their lists. There are several reasons for this – the first being the outrageous natural beauty of the fjords in this world heritage park. In addition, however, it’s also because of the opportunities to spot several magnificent waterfalls, which are at their very best when it’s raining. You can also visit a gamut of worthy destinations along the way, including the Chasm Walk, Mirror Lakes and Lake Mistletoe. Lucky visitors have also reported witnessing seal colonies while at the fjord.

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