When camping in the beautiful green nature of New Zealand it is important to bring eco-friendly camping gear with you to make sure you don’t disturb the natural environment and ecosystem. From reusable water bottles to solar panel phone chargers, there’s a lot of eco-friendly camping gear you can take with you on your future road trips to keep your travels eco-friendly. 

Campervan next to lake with two people in camping chairs

1. Sleeping Mat 

Especially when travelling in the rear of the Travellers Autobarn Station Wagon or in a tent, a sleeping mat can help to improve your sleep. An inflatable sleeping mat is not only easy to pack into compact spaces, it’s a lot comfier than a foam mat that also takes up more space in your travel bags.  

You can purchase self-inflatable sleeping mats from Vaude (a sustainable outdoor clothing & gear company) that are made from sustainable materials. There are many sizes and styles to choose from to suit your needs.  

2. Reusable Water Bottle  

When travelling and being in the great outdoors keeping hydrated is important! Make sure you bring with you an eco-friendly water bottle, as using plastic water bottles are: 

  • Bad for the environment as they don’t break down  
  • A hazard to marine wildlife and birds 
  • They have toxic partials when burned and left in the ocean for long periods of time 

Stainless steel is one of the most eco-friendly water bottle materials as it is not only safe for the environment but also durable and indefinitely recyclable. You can browse through the Flora & Fauna website for sustainable water bottles.  

Cheeki water bottles

(Source: https://cheeki.com/)

3. Eco-Friendly Sunscreen 

When exploring out in nature, keeping sunscreen safe is a must! Even better, using eco-friendly sunscreen to protect the environment around you as well as yourself. Especially when swimming at the Beaches in New Zealand, using the eco-friendly sunscreen can help to protect the corals and reefs. 

Always check the sunscreen label and prefer brands that exclusively use physical filters which include zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Sun Butter is an Australian brand that makes and sells eco-friendly sunscreen with certified sustainable ingredients and stored in recyclable tins.    

Make sure to pack your