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Cheap Campervan Hire Deals

Want a good deal on campervan hire in New Zealand? You’re in the right place.

Look no further for the best ways to enjoy cheap campervan hire and rental with Travellers Autobarn. Even though times are tough these days, that doesn’t mean going travelling again one day has to be impossible. Here’s how to save money on your next New Zealand road trip.

Deals & Specials on Campervan Hire

With these deals and specials, it’s never been more affordable to hire a campervan for a road trip around New Zealand. From North to South Island, below are some links to our best deals at the moment…

Book Now – Pay Later

With the whole world slowed right down due to COVID-19, we realise that people everywhere are a bit strapped for cash. With that in mind, we thought we’d help out by providing something fun to look forward to and reduce some uncertainty.

With our Book Now – Pay Later offer, you can book a camper for your future road trip without paying a deposit until closer to the pick-up day. We’ve also included much more flexible cancellation terms to give you some more peace of mind. Click here to learn more about our Book Now – Pay Later options.

Campervan Hire Special & Deal Codes

Besides our Book Now – Pay Later off , you can also combine it with a coupon code to get an even better discount! We offer a variety campervan hire deals & specials throughout the year – a summary can be found on our dedicated Campervan Hire Deals page.

Other Last Minute Deals on Campervan Hire

Left booking a trip til the last minute? We get that. Luckily for you, procrastination can come in handy sometimes and can help you score a great last minute deal. Here are some of the best and cheapest campervan hire deals we can offer:

Campervan Relocations

Campervan relocations are a fantastic way to travel New Zealand on a budget. With a relocation, you can travel from one city to another and only pay $1 to rent the vehicle! See our current relocation offers here

So how do relocations work? Well, one of the problems we face is that lots of people want to drive to the same places destinations, but not enough people want to drive the other way. For example, lots of people take trips to Auckland from Christchurch, but not many people go the other way — so we end up with more campervans in Christchurch than we need. It’s always cheaper to hire a campervan out of Christchurch for a reason!

To get around this problem, we offer you the opportunity to drive the other way for just $1. We usually need you to make the drive in 5-7 days, but it’s a great excuse to take an impromptu short holiday. The procrastinators win! Learn more about campervan relocations.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are some pretty common questions which come up when it comes to hiring a campervan. To help put you at ease, we’ve put together answers for 5 of the most common ones we hear.

1. How much is it to rent a campervan in New Zealand?

Campervan hire in New Zealand is pretty affordable as travel far as travel experiences go. The cost per day will be determined by what type of vehicle you choose, how long you travel for, where you travel, the time of year, and any special deals we are running when you book. Check out our comparison page to see the differences between each of our campervan styles.

Due to COVID-19, there are loads of great discounts going around to encourage domestic tourism — we’ve just explained some of our own just above. Like some other tourism companies offering discounts, all of our rates are between 30-60% cheaper than normal, so there’s a really unique opportunity for us New Zealanders to explore our own backyard. The roads are quiet, the national parks are empty, and we’ve got the country mostly to ourselves: let’s get out there!

2. Do you need a special driver’s license to drive a campervan?

In a nutshell, no. Most travellers with a valid license, without any suspensions, should be able to drive in New Zealand. An international drivers license, or any current license written in English is accepted. If your licence isn’t in English and you don’t have an international licence, then you will need to get your existing one translated. Learn more about safe driving in New Zealand.

3. How old do you have to be to rent a campervan in New Zealand?

At least 18 years old. We offer rentals to travellers between the ages of 18 and up to 80, plus, we don’t charge young driver fees like some competitors might. Travel shouldn’t have a minimum age.

4. Where can I rent a campervan in New Zealand?

We normally have two locations where you can pick up and drop off your campervan: Auckland (North Island) and Christchurch (South Island). In light of COVID-19, we have also added another 2 location location: Hamilton & Queenstown! To find out more check our our campervan hire Hamilton & campervan hire Queenstown locations!

5. Do I have to pick-up and drop-off a campervan in the same location?

No, we are more than happy for you to drive one of our campervans from one city to another. Just keep in mind, it’s always cheaper to hire a campervan in Christchurch and drive to Auckland.

By the way, if you’re wondering how to cross from one island to another, there’s a vehicle ferry between Wellington (North Island) and Picton (South Island) to get you across the Cook Strait.

Having trouble with a booking, or maybe you just need a hand with some more information? Get in contact with us using the buttons below, or contact our reservations team on 0800 348 348 (we also have overseas contact numbers in case you’re outside New Zealand). Happy travelling!

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