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Why Travellers Autobarn?

So, you arrived in New Zealand or are planning to travel around New Zealand. But what kind of transportation should you use? There is only one clear answer to this question – CAMPERVAN!!! How else can you stop along the beach whenever you want, hike through any of the beautiful national park or simply just go on a road trip!

Only Travellers Autobarn offers you special campervan services which no other companies can offer you and has locations in Auckland & Christchurch

Some of our key campervan & van rental benefits include:

  • We offer campervans of different sizes
  • We have offices all around New Zealand – Auckland & Christchurch
  • Low on cash? Our bond is only $2500 and only frozen up to 14 business days – NO CASH DEDUCTIONS!
  • Under 21? No worries! Anyone over 18 with a full licence can rent campervans/cars with us
  • Our campervans can come self-contained so you can go wildcamping and gain access to plenty more campgrounds
  • Free Maps, Camping Guides and Road Trip app
  • 24/7 road-side assistance
  • And lots more….

To view our rental fleet please visit our campervan hire & car rental section here….. 

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