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Contactless Pick-up/Drop-Off

Travellers Autobarn offers contactless pick-up & drop-off out Auckland & Christchurch. This service is available to all customers – 7 days a week – 24 hours day! There is no need to pick-up or drop-off your vehicle during our standard office hours…

Please note, you need to pre-arrange these services at least 24 hours prior to pick up/drop off.

How does contactless pick-up work?

  • Once you have made a booking please contact our reservation’s department that you would like to organise a contactless pick-up or out-of normal business hours pick-up. You can do so by:
    • Either responding to your email booking confirmation
    • By calling us on 0800 348 348
    • Or email us @ reservations@travellers-autobarn.com
  • 48 hours prior to pick-up date please contact our central reservations department to arrange full payment as well as to receive your online rental agreement via email.
  • Complete your pre-checkin online 48 hours prior to pick-up including uploading an image of your driving license.
  • Sign our rental agreement online; please contact our central reservations department – they will email you the rental agreement online
  • Watch your campervan instruction videos (this will also be emailed to you as part of your pre-checkin email)
  • On the day of pick-up your local branch manager will contact you via email & phone to inform you of the registration of the vehicle, where it will be parked and the code to access your keys! Please note – this information will only provided once payment has been completed and both the pre-checkin & rental agreement have been completed.

How does a contactless drop-off work?

  • Please call our central reservation’s department 48 hours prior to your drop-off date to arrange your or out-of-office drop-off. You can reach them on 1800 674 374!

Travellers Autobarn New Zealand Campervans with Contactless Pick Up

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