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Welcome to our guides page! All our guides provide plenty of information and have been written by our own staff and experienced campervan travelers throughout New Zealand.

Start reading through each one of them and get prepared for your campervan roadtrip journey – our guides include information about best roadtrip adventures, how to get prepared for your first campervan journey, how to travel New Zealand during winter and much much more…

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Road Trips in New Zealand

In this guide we run through some of the best trips in the North and South Island as well as...

The Ultimate Guide to Winter Campervanning in New Zealand

Why should you consider camping in Winter?  Even Popular Tourist Spots Are Quiet If you prefer so...

Freedom Camping:
A Complete Guide

Quick Links Use these links to quickly navigate between our freedom camping guide. What is Freedo...

Beginners Guide to Travelling around New Zealand in a Campervan

New Zealand is a more popular travelling destination than ever as the world discovers what the Ki...

Guide To The North Island: Top Tips, Road Trips & Destinations

Like Iceland’s idiosyncratic, breathtaking, almost untouched beauty, so, too, are New Zeala...

Guide to the South Island: Top Tips, Road Trips and Destinations

Travelling New Zealand’s incredible South Island is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, there ...

If you haven’t made up your mind yet how to explore New Zealand check your campervan options with us – Travellers Autobarn. We are offering a large number of station wagons & different campervans out of two locations – Auckland & Christchurch. All you need is a full driving license (international if from a Non-English speaking country), be 18 to 80 years old and convince your best mate or family to join you. Get a quote and check out our campervan options…

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