Are you planning to travel via campervan through New Zealand during winter season – especially June to August? Yes, it will be cold; and it will be a lot of FUN! It is all in the preparation of your hire…


Really between May to September the goal should be stay at powered campsites so that you can use the heater during the night – it is just like camping in front of a fire – however inside a van & you won’t even feel the cold. Travellers Autobarn has a partnership with Kiwi Holiday Park so you end up saving a bit too!



Warm slippers – thermals – thick socks – just imagine you be off skiing – you require the same clothing. A warm water bottle, as well as a decent sleeping bag, are a good idea too plus an umbrella in case of rain fall! Travellers Autobarn provides you with free heaters, water bottles as well as extra sleeping bags between May to September for free – so that’s a plus!

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In some areas you might require snowchains so it is best to do your research – and if required – hire on from your campervan provider on pick-up. It is also a good idea to stay flexible and keep an eye out on the weather; the sun still shines ;) An excellent weather service provider is MetService.


New Zealand offers so much variety when it comes to winter Рhiking, skiing, hot springs Рthey have it all. It is all about choosing the right activities Рfor skiing we recommend Coronet, Cardona, Treble Crone  Рof course there a lot more out there. Hot springs wise areas like Rotorua and Hammer Springs are amazing!

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You see – there is lot’s to do in winter in New Zealand! If you are not convinced yet for a winter campervan hire please read our “Top 5 Reasons for Winter Campervaning in New Zealand” article – happy campervanning ;)

Winter campervan special

Travellers Autobarn also provides a FREE winter pack to all customers travelling between May and September. This includes extra sleeping bags, hot water bottle, and a heater to keep you cosy at night.

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