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Winter Campervan Travel

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful winter destinations in the World – and yes – it is an amazing country to explore in Winter – plus it is SO CHEAP! Campervans are up to 80% cheaper than during summer, camp sites are nearly for free and even the ferries – going between North to South Island – give you a bargain price.

Let us convince you on why you should explore New Zealand in winter on our dedicate Winter Campervan Travel page. You find plenty of information on here on why you should travel during winter, how to prepare yourself, key visiting spots and much much more…


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Guide to Winter Camper Travel

Download your full copy of the Ultimate Guide to Winter Campervanning in New Zealand for extra information on the best campsites, extra road trip itineraries and top tips from the team.

On the road in winter

Sarah and John travelled for 12 days through New Zealand’s South Island and North Island. Their winter road trip was filled with spectacular views, beautiful snowfall, and epic adventures.

They chose a Kuga campervan for their winter adventure.

If you haven’t made up your mind yet how to explore New Zealand check your campervan options with us – Travellers Autobarn. We are offering a large number of station wagons & different campervans out of two locations – Auckland & Christchurch. All you need is a full driving license (international if from a Non-English speaking country), be 18 to 80 years old and convince your best mate or fmaily to join you. Get a quote and check out our campervan options…

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