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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions2022-05-09T17:43:59+12:00

Renting FAQs

What is your cancellation fee?2022-05-09T16:53:47+12:00

Until 14 days before pick-up, no cancellation fee applies:

1. $200 – within 14 days of pick-up

2. 50% – within 7 days of pick-up

3. 100% – same day or no show cancellation

What is your Covid policy?2022-05-06T16:06:34+12:00

In case of a positive covid test – within 7 days of your pick-up date – we will transfer your deposit into a credit note. The credit note has no expiry date.

Are your campervans self-contained?2022-05-09T16:53:02+12:00

All our campervans come as self-contained option; you can book a self-contained campervan by renting a porta potti from us for $50/rental – this will ensure that your campervan is self-contained. If you would like to find out more about self-contained campervans and freedom camping please action our Freedom Camping knowledge base…

Do I require an international driving license in New Zealand?2022-05-06T16:17:58+12:00

Unless you are from an native English speaking country e.g. Australia, UK or USA you must have an international driving license by law in New Zealand! We advise you to organise this prior to arrival in New Zealand however you can also find services to get your driving license translated directly in NZ prior to picking up your campervan!

Can I pick up/drop off my vehicle outside of office hours?2022-05-06T16:16:32+12:00

We do offer pick ups and drop offs outside of our office hours. To arrange a pick up or drop off outside of our hours, please contact our reservations team at or 0800 348 348 to be assisted when making your booking. Please note these services are only offered out of Auckland & Christchurch!

What do I do when my campervan breaks down?2022-05-06T16:17:37+12:00

Travellers Autobarn vehicles are maintained and serviced regularly, unfortunately this doesn’t prevent the occasional mechanical malfunction or breakdown.

In the event you experience any problems, even minor, you must contact our Customer Care team for further assistance. If immediate assistance is required, it is best to phone us.

Australia: 1800 674 374

New Zealand: 0800 348 348

USA (+1) 800 469 4790

Minor mechanical repairs costing less than $100 may be undertaken without contacting us for authorisation and will be reimbursed when you return the vehicle, receipts must be provided as proof, or we are unable to refund you.

How does the bond/excess on a rental vehicle work?2022-05-06T17:26:28+12:00