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North Island Road Trips

Welcome to the North Island of New Zealand – and its main capital – Auckland! Auckland is the most popular pick-up location for campervan rental or car hire in New Zealand (did you know that Christchurch is generally always cheaper to pick-up!!!) and about three-quarters of New Zealand’s population live in Auckland.

It’s a great starting to point to see the Waitomo Caves, Lake Taupo & Tongariro National Park and then to start your campervan road trip adventure to Christchurch or Queenstown – one of the most popular road trips in New Zealand. Check out our road trip itineraries and have an epic adventure…





Read our quick and easy guides

Guide to the North Island

Download your full copy of Guide to the North Island; Top Tips, Road Trips & Destinations from the team.

Guide to best Road trips

Download our Ultimate Guide to Campervanning in New Zealand for extra information on the best road trip itineraries and top tips from our team.

Haven’t found what you are looking for? Check out our other road trip itineraries out of the South Island. Still looking for your station wagon or campervan to hire? Check out our campervans and get a quote.

Road Trip Videos

Franz and Nadine, from Germany, hired a Kuga Campervan from Auckland and road tripped the North Island. Check out the amazing footage they got of their journey!


Are you a blogger, influencer, or content creator? We are always looking for the next talent who can describe in their own words – or via photos and videos – the campervan road trip experience across New Zealand. Customers simply tell the road trip adventure so much better than we ever could do.

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